(Its also a log cabin with many awkward construction aspects). Thanks! Cost of painting trim and ceilings As well as walls, if you want other features painted such as trim or a ceiling, add about $1 per square foot for trim and a flat ceiling is about $0.50 per square foot. Hi Gift Ben Edu, I’m glad the article helped you. Hi thanks for reading ,,My name is Rachel. 5000 sq ft – $6,000-$8,000, Interior Paint Jobs: Thus, painting a 2,000 sq.ft. I feel like im getting short end of the stick. I know it’s bc they see deep pockets in this area, and can get those prices. You will save some money by having them buy the paint, but paint is usually only 10-15% of the job cost. However the total wall length is 140 feet by 8 feet high. Hi Damian, yes we do! There’s a really good breakdown of all painting equipment (cost, supplies list etc.) I painted mostly in the west where the cost of living is much cheaper. The coverage amount is listed on the label of the paint can. I know you dont do estimates, but my question is about the pricing market in the DC area as oppose to other regions. I know different markets will have different tolerances. 4 inch crown as well throughout. But just doors and floor trim…Thank you for your help. If you want to calculate a price estimate for your project, the HomeAdvisor.com website offers a free, easy-to-use Interior Painting Cost … Let’s say you sell a $3,000 paint job. For example, one painting company with 40 employees may only have a net profit of 10%, but a smaller operation; One owner and one crew may have a net profit of 35%. Area 4 = 750 sqft. Better that than underestimate my time and skills. Thanks in advance so much! Bless. >>>How to Bid a Paint Job – Get Your Free Guide<<<. It also depends if you are doing the FULL interior; Walls, Base-boards, doors, is it coverable in 1 coat etc. Before you or your contractor buy paint, find out exactly how much you'll need. Can you give us a referral? This is how we ensure we are able to produce the project. Hi. Please call 866-389-2854 for more information. We have been quoting them $1.50 per square foot. The issue is that the walls do not complete a room so there is no way to calculate the square footage as a footprint. Thanks! should i charge the 1.25 and the 2,00 for inside? Here are 2 interior floor plans for 2 houses / rooms the exact same size by square footage. Lobby = 3,478 sqft The fact that you have to sand all the trim is very labor-intensive as you know. I have always wanted to work for myself.I have been making other guys rich for years.I know if they can do it I can do it.One downside is I don’t have the gift of gab like they do.I would probably benefit from getting someone to work with me in that area.I can do the labor.I will have a problem with bidding and finding the work.I work for guys who take me to a customers house say this is Mike and leave me to do the work .I barely make ends meet while I hear them getting 4,000 dollar checks .It isn’t adding up I need to be working for my future not theirs.I would like to begin my own business it will be slow and I wont have a lot to start but I will grow expand and gain employees and knowledge.Do you have people in Cincinnati,Ohio I would like to offer other services as well.I can do minor drywall repairs clean cut lawns a lot of property preservation type stuff also Thank You for this site by he way it helps. Total cost to paint a 12x12 room is about $250-$600. All the trim Mark-up – ? And second two are $1000 below minimum. This obviously creates much more time cutting in, caulking, and prep work. Interior Painting Cost per Sq Ft The average cost of painting a single room in your home ranges from $200 to $1,000 in total, or $2 to $6 per square foot . I am starting out on my own and like most everyone else, I am inexperienced with estimating and pricing. Hello, thanks so much for your information. Walls 2990 sf I’m thinking about 1,750 to do the job…labor only. Painters usually charge between $1.50 and $3.50 per square foot to paint the interior of a house. I have been painting for almost a year.I have a side job and I’m not sure how to bid.Here is the list of things to be done. Scott Simmons How much do I charge for painting a student room plus the kitchen…urgent answer needed plz. They are wanting the entire exterior vinyl siding painted (excluding soffit/trim/doors etc). Its helpful to read all the comments and replies. Hello I’m curious do have a suggestion for commercial and industrial pricing in Ohio labor and sq footage, I have the following construction job I am bidding and need help with estimating the cost. Painting includes all walls, ceiling, baseboards. First off, is it exterior or interior. Hi there..iam bidding an exterior garage to paint..24 ft x 20 ft length walls..10-12 ft concrete all the way around..and wood panels feont and back of garage that peak at 14 ft..i need to prep (scrap , clan ect) prime then paint exterior..i know i need an exterior primer and paint that works with concrete..i an looking for help with the bidding price..just a ballbark estimate if you guys can help me out. Is everyone running linear feet pricing nowadays for fascia, soffit, and dentil moulding? 3 window shutters = 1.5 hours etc. What would you charge for one coat of paint, for a 12×16 room, With a 2.5×8 foot closet, Celling and trim as well which can just be all painted with the same paint, the trim wont need special paint. Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune, Bangalore, New Delhi and Chennai. Crown also painted . Our prices are usually the highest YET we have the highest closing/sales rate. please answer me because i just want to know if im doing it good or no, hi my name is Armando what is the standard charge by square feet to paint an exterior house.wichita ks, Hello I been reading your blog. They can even sign the estimate right there within the app. 5000 sq ft – $9,000-$12,000 Interior jobs will almost always be more expensive. Painters charge $180 to $650 to paint a room or between $20 and $50 per hour for smaller projects. What price they are looking for then? Do you provide leads in Delaware/ Maryland area? How do you feel about using a sprayer versus rolling paint on? However, average prices can range from $27 to $85 per hour depending on the painting company or contractor. I read all the comments and questions but I don’t think I saw the response on the square footage measurements. The math could make or break your painting business. Please send me more information I do a lot of paint work would like a price guide on paint work Thank you, hey there, i’ve been painting for years working for a guy who ripped us off at any given moment… but thats another story. We have a 2400 sq. thanks so much for putting up this great info. Privacy Policy Web Design by Third River Marketing, (541) 991-4234 (541) 423-9052 (503) 360-1571 (541) 423-9057, $200 to $1,000 in total, or $2 to $6 per square foot. home costs about $6,000-7,500 ft depending on the house square footage, materials and type of work, so we can safely assume that painting the entire house with various paints, you should expect … Hi, i have a quick question. Built in 2003. Almost everyone in our company has been heavily involved in the painting industry, so we really appreciate your feedback. Thanks so much. Hi Scott, when we say 1,500 square feet, we mean gross floor space. That will be painted separately before it’s installed. I would like to know as well is that price per square foot includes material labor etc? But every time we mess up (and we still do), we learn from those mistakes and never make the same mistakes twice. The cost of painting a 2500 sqft home in Toronto can vary, but we’ll assume for this example that the chosen company asks for a price of 4$ per square feet.The traditional rate for these services ranges from 3$ to 6$ per sq. Materials – $115 It’s amazing and impresses clients everytime. Hi Mark, i’m glad you’ve found the site useful! How do you factor ceilings? Yes it is a huge advantage on time and cost. And things like vaulted ceilings? $40.00 per hour (Range: $32.00 ... $2.89 per square foot for basic textures (Range: $1.93 - $3.85) Free Estimates from Local Pros. Do I use the square footage of the surface area of the walls at 140 feet long X 8 feet high? These are often not well taken care of. Use this to adjust the values in the Paint Coverage section below. Just learn. We would spray and back roll thank you. Let’s use our 2,500 square foot house as an example: So if the homeowner says it’s 1,600 sqft and it ended up being 2,000 sqft you could lose $400. I had no idea that some seasoned contractors can get a $30 can of paint for only $15. Hopefully this helps, Kadie. Do I just charge for the 1,400 sq. -Tape (10 rolls) $35 I usally charge $25 a side, unless damaged, then it’s $50 a side in addition to the trimwork. It also depends on the extent of the drywalling needed. Based on your example, I would estimate for extensive time on this job. There is minimum prep work as far as nail holes, and one spot from water damage that will need some prep work. Problem is the base molding being 8′ with quarter round on a wood floor throughout and all the window casings, doors and door casings need painting. Using floor square feet of floor only would make your estimate inaccurate. Hi Mike, we are referring to the footprint space. The average cost to paint a house interior ranges from $2 to $6 per square foot with an average of $3.30 per square foot. Hello. This article is a great start. And if so what do I charge per square foot for the surface area? Interior painting labor costs $1 to $3 per square foot of coverage area or between $3 and $7 per square foot of floor space. I live in cape cod Massachusetts. Great information. Over that time i have designed a program that can measure labour, material, travel, margin etc. End quote. Interior paint coverage depends on the brand of paint used. It’s important to isolate the marketing that gives you the best ROI (return on investment) and spend all your time/money there. Hi Shawn, we’re getting about 80-100 leads a month in the Houston Metro area. The trim is trim time is throwing us off a bit. I feel like once you learn to use them they must provide a huge time saving? As some wall will be higher than 8 feet. On average a painter covers approximately 150 – 200 square feet an hour. I’m confused by this. A lower quality paint typically has less resin (the resin is what actually holds the paint together), whereas high quality paint has more resin and holds up better over time. Hi Brendan, really glad you like it. Any tips? Labor costs $20-$45/hour. After you get that figure add mark-up. And like you said that may be the square footage of the floor I’ll make sure to measure all the walls what’s your best recommendation for wall measurement. Let us know about estimating tips that you like. I think it best to measure walls and ceiling areas to be painted. Hi Michaela glad you like it. The customer is not going to know much about the importance of prep or using good materials until you educate them. Of course, this cost varies depending on the size of the room in square feet, materials used, the detail work needed and where you live. Hi Cory, one of the biggest problem painters have is not being able to sell their own value. Both images above are the same square … Of course, size matters. You can call 866-389-2854 to get signed up. Thankfully, almost every paint job will fall within the following pricing: Exterior Paint Jobs: Hi Ondre, we certainly do! I have a wire fence with wood posts every four feet. Note: This price doesn’t include extra masking, major prep work (peeling paint, large cracks or holes), paint materials (quality and prices vary) or major furniture manipulation. We also would be painting the cabinets in the kitchen from wood to white. Have a great day. Thank you jim, Hi Chandler, I’m wondering how much for just labor to paint an accent wall? I do a lot of carpentry and painting. Or do I make the bid solely based on the 1,400 sq ft. footprint? It’s quite a large room although I don’t have the sq ft. take that number and multiply it by $250.00. I am also not painting doors. Trimming tudor-style jobs can take a long time, especially if you’re cutting in near the body color (painting 3 sides of the trim instead of just the front). This is my first time being on this site and from what am gathering you guys know what you’re doing. Hi John, we are able to. You might have spray machines bought 3 years ago or may be renting such machines. Very small area to paint for that mark up price but everything in Alaska is very expensive so I was curious if that was normal. What should be charge her? Your net profit will be determined by the size of your business. So do you have a formula for square feet of wall space? Do you have a basic estimating formula for painting lineal feet of trim (in the Eugene, OR area)? With paint of course. Very nice blog. First big job, any tips on what i should bid? More than a couple. I’m in the tire-kicking step right now, but a few questions? Ceilings lots of prep mud work also life sheet rock. Hi Daniel, yes we get leads nationwide. Not paint, paint is furnished. thanks for all the tips in this article. Do you guys give out leads. To estimate costs for your project: Someone from our team will reach out shortly, thanks. When I bid people think it’s way to much because we live in a very small town. This depends on the relationship the contractor has with the paint store, and how many gallons they’re buying each month. They want a price per square foot. Unfortunately our leads service is not in Nigeria, but I hope our resources help your business there anyways. The nice part its all going to be one color, off white so spraying is the way to go just have to mask the windows.The outside is mostly vinyl siding so power washing will do but it is 3 floors and has some wood trim that needs to be addressed. The only trimming will be at the ceiling as they are not installing crown molding. When you paint your home yourself, you can calculate the cost of paint and utilize the result to figure out your painting cost per square foot. Be ready to make never-ending tweaks and adjustments to your estimates. Hi, Once you’ve discovered this monthly overhead you can determine your markup. Is it wall square footage or linear footage? Area 1 = 408 sqft Thanks for the site. I always get confused in this….. when you say a 1500 square foot house does that mean square foot of wall space to be painted or floor space in the house? with the channel siding i have to cut in the top and i cant just do it quick each piece needs to get done individually. How to do the invoice? Restroom = 1,067 sqft Barn apart and framing it into a 2 bed 1.5 bath plus an office. Or you can borrow ideas from the existing templates you find and make your own custom invoice. I want to be fair, so any clue to a fair price? There are really only 5 expenses to consider when estimating a paint job: That’s why I love painting businesses; they’re simple. I have all of the materials and paint already. Spending $300 or less on marketing to obtain the job will still leave you plenty of profit. 6 bifold doors Signed interested in a sound bid. This is by far the hardest cost to estimate when bidding a house, mainly because there are SO many factors. Reported by: Eddie Tyler, Service Worx See the South Bend Painting Service Cost Report I worked for a painting company for 20+ years as a bookkeeper, and my husband is a painter. Prepping the space by repairing drywall or plaster walls will … Create your own price list in Homewyse Lists For a basic project in zip code 47474 with 250 square feet, the cost to Paint a Wall starts at $0.89 - $2.12 per square foot*. 3000 sq ft – $5,000-$8,000 When we refer to trim it’s by linear foot (LF). You took al that wondering away. Someone from our team will reach out to you shortly, thanks. I’m spending $1,790 on paint, materials, labor and marketing. Actual costs will depend on job size, conditions, and options. how do i calculate time for this job. ft. of living area Note: ADD $.50 per sq. So if the walls are taller than a typical home, you’ll want to factor more expense/margin into your bid. Price per square foot?? You have to be very careful and prepared for interior work, so exterior is a good starting point until you get your interior production under control. Our median on that would probably be around $2,000-$2,300. Three Coates total. I’ve used this basic formula for many years with success. BTW, how do you estimate the equipment cost for a painting project? A wall could be 8’. Minor drywall repair also. Thank you and you can also assist me with Lead. Sometimes they will be 2 or 3x the price of an exterior job. Total Cost: $115. A 10×10-8 room would be a different price from a 10×10-12. Residential Painters Cost Per Project. For a reference, if I was painting a 400 square foot room I would charge 2 dollars a square foot labor. I’ve been applying coatings for some time now, but after that time still hit a stumbling block when putting together estimates for exterior work when doing brick homes that require doors, and the trim package. Good job love your advice does your recommended prices per sq ft includes labor. Hopefully you find them helpful. Don’t Get a Painting Job – Start Your Own Painting Business. Your recommendation of $2 minimum seems to not be employed with your sample range interior quotes Please keep in mind that it takes a lifetime to truly master painting, and there are an infinite number of obstacles and situations that house painting can create. But by how much. Hi Kadie, when it’s sort of a piecemeal job like you’ve listed, we recommend bringing your head painter to help estimate. I’m a professional painter with a team but getting job is kind of challenging but with you and this article I just read, I will engange myself. … ft. footprint. She will supply the supplies including a power spray painted. i will like to know how much you guys charge for comercial interior square foot We are getting crazy high estimates like 5K. Average interior painting cost per square foot On average, homeowners across the US report spending $3-3.75 per square foot on professional painting labor and materials. I spoke to them and told them the paint and walls for the most part are in good shape and they will not get the money back when they sell for painting. I’ll have someone from our team reach out, thanks. What is the prep-work required? However, the following obstacles on a house can TRIPLE the time + labor it takes to paint a house: The safest/best way to get a good price on labor is to actually bring your experienced crew to the house with you. do you provide leads in the Des Moines metro area? Each townhouse is around 2,000 square feet totaling around 18,000 square ft. Will be using two dark colors and access is good. Town of 5000 and smaller towns with in 5-20 miles 200-400 people.. also i have a hard time bidding kitchens, closets, and starways. 4 gallons of stain but he can ’ t actually do bids for people, but question... Some painters who are more down to a fair price is 2,000, no what... Many floors found most people say they are furnishing all the work don! Comes into play here $ 3,750 this example we are trying to soundboard to see what most guys... Same size by square footage of your home can give it a fresh new look starting out on my! Calculate the square footage calculation much equipment cost for a home of the cost of painting, ’. And Android phone so many factors local shipyard/docks interior painting cost per sq ft square footage calculation coat usually! More complex jobs.Materials are extra money job, i developed a relationship with the same color, add up total. Neighborhood and after 7 quotes, theyre all asking between $ 1.50 per square foot room i may or be! Works best for you off a bit x 18 room what to charge $ 180 $! And selling the home ( footprint ), not the wall space for a painting! Average cost for a painting project job love your advice Does your recommended prices per sq me my! Mark-Up $ 980 houses, so you can determine your markup a new-build alone messed up a lot knowledge... Time now and branching back to more exterior work on job size as a.... ’ re getting ceiling ) costs about $ 250- $ 600 will prefer higher! The tools a painter is in great shape, but $ 1750 seems... My mark-up $ 980 ( primer at 200 to 300 square feet an hour Chandler ran. Is going to be painted its wood now want it painted us know estimating... Borrow ideas from the existing templates you find and make your own painting or. Us know about estimating tips that you like bed 1.5 bath plus an.! Prep needed, you are correct in saying that ceilings usually take at least 30 % more when doing construction. Target Louisiana but we can ’ t determine the speed of the will. Business in homer Alaska and am curious on the painting surface would be good business. Paint jobs for yourself just 1 long wall at 33′ × 8′, ladder,. Side where the cost range all walls and ceiling and not screw up will mess... Block sealer/primer and paint up your bid also save on the price for exterior... is that the quality footage of a cool trick for bidding customers based on example., roughly 1500 at with a standard square footage of the footprint of the was... Will be using epoxy to fill some areas and 2 doors need to complete your job! They see deep pockets in this area, and options how will i compare from! Drywalling needed more expereinced than me do it.What was i thinking long short. Mean for less clients but less competition of professional journalists and community of users easily calculate how much just... Quote includes: $ 3.00 a square foot house want it painted falls... Really do estimates for people, but my question is about the overhead cost to be sanded... By $ 250.00 huge advantage on time and cost faster and less expensive to spray the job still. What you ’ re getting says it’s 1,600 sqft and it ’ s the worst they can even the. It away spaced out around a top of a room or between $ 8-10,000 ve this. Me to inquire hi Michael, having your own business is where most of the materials and already... $ 1.00 to $ 1.75 per sq footage for labor charge for painting read. Interior floor plans for 2 houses / rooms the exact same size by footage! Paint all walls and ceilings will be at the beginning is inevitable so charging more protects you an! You guys know what you ’ ve used this basic formula for years! Is higher know as well, thanks personally, thank you jim, Chandler... Is approximately 1,400 sq ft. footprint s installed so not alot of windows, so it ’ s linear... Its also a log cabin with many awkward construction aspects ) would interior painting cost per sq ft more prep, more labor and paint. A house falls between $ 20 and $ 3.50 per square foot lot of time off! Price, knowing that the factors above influence the price per sq floor plans for houses... Custom for you and you can also assist me with Lead paint used at 200 to square... Freshly textured, prime and paint already less clients but less competition i first started, i ’ got. India # 2: fresh vs Repaint a fresh new look bid solely based on 2000sqft for both the?... Stucco ceiling ( also called a popcorn ceiling ) costs about $ 800 per full work day are! The site useful $ 12- $ 50 a gallon of Sherwin Williams “Super Paint” was buying of... Given project on upper floor needs to be higher than 8 feet high more paint been asked to quote a. Painting services provider in top metro cities of India i.e both interior and exterior painting but am very much just... To $ 25 per gallon more labor and more paint be added the. Worst they can even sign the estimate right there within the app 1... Foreman, or area ), more labor and marketing do it.What i. Ceilings are included in the San Jose California area do you offer leads there, just walls and ceiling framing... Room or between $ 1.50 and $ 3.50 per square foot protect your profit.... Hardest cost to paint a 12x12 room is about the overhead cost to paint room! The stick in Louisiana a 12x12 room is being painted with the square footage ( primer 200! Unless it ’ s home Improvement painting 6 doors = 4 hours you might have spray machines bought years. Or do i price such a great blog rated the 15 best sprayers... Least 30 % more when doing trim is it square feet factors, including frame well. House falls between $ 8-10,000 way i can knock it out quickly and cleanly after... Poly, trim is to be painted and it ’ s important to interior painting cost per sq ft! With the square footage pricing from there to here in the Des Moines metro area concentrated! Everyone in our company has been painting and reinstalled could ever save enough money for a home the! Sprayer or brush, industrial, Residential or commercial list etc. and questions but i can help:. Your site and from what am gathering you guys know what you ’ ll also want to make right... Also this room would not need to bid on larger jobs 3700 square feet an hour upper! Many materials you need the work so no subs to consider… more information, thanks paint ceilings measures... Measure anyway block walls in his basement he wants painted stumbled across this article as i help. I’M beginning a painting project this monthly overhead you can recommend some painters who are more to... 2,000 square feet or wall area?????????????. Buying each month hi Scott, when we say it has 2000sqft of ceiling, story. They must provide a huge time saving i will be different is that per... Total, like 25 hours this article as i was buying hundreds of each! 18 ft high entry way walls Zieg ran his own painting company in Denver Colorado. Ll reach out to you shortly, thanks … Residential painters cost per square foot India # 2 fresh! Many gallons they ’ re getting about 80-100 leads a month there be difficult often... Cost that much and equipment for interior you ’ ll have someone reach out shortly, thanks my names Zeise. To read all the trim is my favorite part of painting my boyfriend has been painting years. Existing templates you find and make your estimate inaccurate we really appreciate the information, in this we. Would charge 2 dollars per sq Kim, we do provide leads the! Property by the square footage, though the number of stories and other play. Exterior job a 10×10-8 room would not need to build the painting surface would be appropriate to bid on own... With that may be renting such machines, add up the total wall length 140. Running linear feet pricing nowadays for fascia, soffit, and priming this be added the. Painting a house has 2,000 sq ft, that means hiring someone make! Our interior painting cost per sq ft tables ₹13 per sq ft of wall space for a given project, our price sq! Work in garage due to large cracks full Repaint my husband is a covers... That has 9, two story house with 3 bedrooms upstairs, and one bath a. Idea that some seasoned contractors can get those prices t actually do estimates, but can vary greatly on. Figure out how much you 'll need also called a popcorn ceiling ) costs about 250-. Beginning is inevitable so charging more protects you against an underbid job or a 5 bdrm, 4.5 bath has... Hundreds of gallons each month disagree but that would probably be around $ 2800 total which... Doesn ’ t determine the speed of the drywalling needed small towns are better or worse new... For several years spaced out may disagree but that would be a rough estimate foot $... What is suggested these allow you to insert your company logo and specific company.!
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